Did you know that collagen is the second most abundant protein in the body, and is one of the key building blocks of our bodies tissues? By the time we reach our mid-twenties, natural collagen production has declined and we begin to see the signs of premature ageing, such as wrinkles and fine hair. By the time we reach our 40’s, this is highly noticeable.


Furthering the belief that beauty starts from within, wellness brand Vida Glow have launched Collagen Support +, a supplement enriched with active ingredients like Vitamin C, which assists in the formation and production of collagen and holds cells together during collagen synthesis, Vitamin B2, biotin and copper, which aid the absorption of collagen in your body, helping to nourish and strengthen hair, skin and nails from the inside out. Recognising that it can be difficult to find animal friendly collagen options, Collagen Support + is a 100% Vegan option to supplement your collagen intake (and it’s gluten free as well).


The many benefits of Collagen Support + include: helping to strengthen nails and reducing breakage, helping to achieve shiny, glossy hair, helping to protect skin from damage and promoting cell renewal, and helping to increase energy and boost immune system. I’ve been using the Vida Glow Collagen Support + for a month now, and my hair is soft and shiny, my nails super strong (and they are growing really well – I have to cut them every week for netball), my skin is glowing with health (which it rarely does at this time of year), and I feel more energised. As a vegetarian, this is a wonderful collagen option. 60 capsules, RRP $59.95.


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