3 Simple Tips to Help Break Bad Work from Home Habits



While the WFH regime can be largely beneficial and flexible for many people, forming bad habits is an easy trap to fall into. We spoke with Eric Chan, Head of Pharmacy at Blooms The Chemist (read more about Eric below), who shared some insights into how to break bad habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle while working from home.

Habit 1 – Inactivity



Obviously when working from anywhere, you most likely will be spending most of your time at a desk. However research shows us that when people work from home they actually have a lower step count for the day as there is no travel required to get to the office. Similarly, travel between meeting rooms no longer exists, with the use of video links. Literally everything can be done from your one at home desk, no walking required… at all.


Eric Chan believes this is a very important habit to break as being sedentary for extended periods may increase blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol which may cause weight gain and affect your metabolism. Consider scheduling a workout into your daily routine, investing in a standing desk, and begin to plan active meetings such as walks. To begin, you might even need to schedule in moment where you stand for five minutes. Start small and simple and slowly build in longer periods of activity where you can.


Habit 2 – Too Much Screen Time



Sitting and looking at your computer for extended periods of time may have several health implications. According to Eric, spending extended periods looking at a screen may induce blurry vision, headaches and dry eyes, affect sleeping patterns and may induce postural issues such as chronic back pain.


Due to the addictiveness of our screens and their integration into our lives, breaking this bad habit is easier said than done. Small ways to decrease your screen time include limiting the amount of time you spend unnecessarily on your phone when you aren’t working, and swapping your phone for a book or a brisk walk around the block. Instead of switching your work laptop for the TV when you clock off for the day, maybe make it a family card game night or play a quick round of trivia. It’s not about getting rid of screens altogether, but rather integrating small breaks from your screens into each phase of your day.


Habit 3 – Unhealthy Eating Patterns



While working from home, it can become easy to mindlessly snack all day long, and that’s when you may be tempted to reach for the wrong foods. Having your kitchen close by, and no colleagues around makes snacking all the more enticing to incorporate into your WFH lifestyle. Eric says it is important to mindfully eat and fuel your body with a healthy diet to support your energy levels all day and a healthy BMI. He suggests eating meals that are well balances and will keep you sustained for longer periods of time, and if you do feel like snacking, perhaps reach for a piece of fruit instead of that packet of chips.



About Eric Chan:


Eric Chan is a passionate and trusted pharmacist, having worked within the Blooms The Chemist network since 2011 and serving his community as owner/operator of Blooms The Chemist Forestville for over eight years. Eric also holds the position of Head of Pharmacy at Blooms The Chemist Support Office, providing industry support and knowledge for the network’s 100+ stores, and nurturing relationships with key dispensary suppliers.


Eric is passionate about providing his customers and the community with integrated, holistic healthcare to achieve their best health outcomes.


You can find more information from the Blooms the Chemist Website: bloomsthechemist.com.au or LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook @bloomsthechemist





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