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With so many of us still working from home, and Winter starting to bite, it’s really tempting to stay in our pyjamas all day, and skip many of our normal skincare and makeup routines. Whilst this is OK on occasion (don’t skip your skincare routine on a regular basis!), one thing that is not OK is skipping personal hygiene. If it’s only you and your direct family staying at home, you may wonder what the harm is if you were to only shower once every 2 days for example. But now, more than ever, personal hygiene is so important. And this is more than just washing your hands regularly, which we all know by now. We spoke to Nivea Skin expert Ken Lee to understand what happens to skin if we don’t wash regularly, and why personal hygiene is so important. Here is what he had to say.


What happens to your body when you don’t wash regularly?



Different skin types need different care in order to look and feel their best. Your body typically has a lot of bacteria on your skin, most of which are actually good for you. However, harmful bacteria can still wind up on your skin, and when it’s not washed off properly, these harmful germs can seep into your body and increase the chances of developing skin infections and irritations.


Why should you practice good body hygiene, even if no-one else is around?



The main reason that we shower is to wash away sweat and dead skin cells, remove dirt and debris and prevents things like body odour. Everyone has a personal need to shower daily and it is generally based on the tendencies towards natural oils, sweating, dry skin as well as other skin conditions. So naturally everyone’s right showering frequency differs from person to person. If you work out daily, live in a  hot or humid area, work a job where you tend to get dirty/sweaty often, or are prone to body odour, you will want to shower every day to rinse away excess dirt, ensuring your keeping up with your skin health.  Some ways you can practice good body hygiene even if no one is around is by:


  • Introduce lavender to your bath routines – adding a few drops of lavender essential oils to your evening baths can help you de-stress and relax. Lavender is one of the most reliable sleeping aids.


  • Taking an evening shower – showering does more than just cleanse your body, by showering in the evening it reduces your blood pressure, helps you become calmer and allows you to be more conscious of your entire body.


Which body hygiene products are most important? Why?



There are many body products that are essential to ensure you keep up with your hygiene levels, but important ones are:


  • An antiperspirant – using a good deodorant that decreases body odour is key. The underarms are one of the main parts of the body that can develop skin bacteria during moist conditions which cause body odour if not kept maintained and clean.


  • Shower gel – keeping the body clean also important as body washes help get rid of dirt and bacteria whilst also ensuring the skin stays soft and smooth. Kaolin clay is an ingredient to look out for when using shower gels. Kaolin Clay has a velvety feel and is one of the mildest clays, which is beneficial for the skin as it is known for its absorption properties, leaving skin smooth and clean.


  • Hand wash – to keep the skin clean and hydrated, it is essential to choose the right hand wash and rich follow-up care. When buying hand washes, make sure that they have the mildest possible formula. These products do not attack the natural acid mantle of the skin. It is best to choose a hand wash that contains natural skin care oils to prevent your hands from drying out. Don’t forget to apply a rich nourishing hand cream after washing your hands. With every wash, removing the dirt also means stripping the skin of natural protective oils, which can strain the skin and dry it out.


  • Body lotion – Use a body lotion daily to help keep the skin hydrated to provide further nourishment, and to prevent skin feeling dry and itchy. Now you can have soft smooth and silky skin even when stuck indoors.



Thank you Ken – it’s great to understand why personal hygiene and showering is so important, even when staying at home. I’m going to incorporate some luxe lavender into my bath time, and soothe stress away!


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