Vitamin A is one of the most versatile skincare ingredients. Vitamin A boasts a multitude of benefits for all skin types, as it balances conditions such as acne, collagen production, and helping to regulate cell turnover. Unfortunately many retinols (as Vitamin A is also known), can leave people with sensitive skin suffering from flaking, dryness, and generally irritated skin.                 


Synergie Skin, the brand best known for its Clean Science, has just launched Acceler-A, a highly active, stable, and non-irritating Vitamin A, with a hero retinoid – Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate (known as HPR for short), sure to be the next generation of Vitamin A. This new formula is the closest product on the market to prescription Vitamin A. Acceler-A works as a skin balancer, allowing your skin to regulate new cell production, whilst helping to reverse and prevent signs of ageing (so it’s great for mature skin). Your skin looks more luminous and even toned over time. The key ingredients of HPR, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Coenzyme Q10, and Green Tea work synergistically to help clear, refine, brighten and rejuvenate all skin types. Note, as the formula is close to prescription strength, Synergie Skin recommend you start every third night, and gradually increase the frequency of use – recommended for night time use. Cruelty Free and Made In Australia, this in one skincare item you need to put on your “must try” list. 30ml RRP $139.00  


I’ve been using Acceler-A for 2 weeks now – too early for full results, but I like what I see so far – stay tuned for full results in about 4 weeks time.


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