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Who remembers self tanning in in their youth? Sticky hands, staining, and streaky patches abounded, and the whole process wasn’t a lot of fun. Well, the good news is times have changed somewhat since then, and the new breed of self tanning products make self tanning so much simpler, so you can still have a golden glow without spending time in the sun. For best results, always exfoliate your skin prior to self tanning, and tan onto smooth, hydrated skin. And to avoid stained hands, either use a mitt, or wash immediately afterwards!


There are many different types of self tanning products – what you use is up to personal preference. Here are some of the easiest to use, and best:

Self Tanning Lotion


Self Tanning Lotions are the mainstay of the self tan market. They are easy to apply, and hydrate your skin on application. St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Lotion is a light weight, quick drying lotion, that creates a natural, healthy looking tan. The formula doesn’t have the tell-tale self tan scent, and has added moisturisers to prolong the length of the colour. After application, colour develops in as little as three hours, although best results are achieved overnight. 240ml RRP $59.99.

Self Tanning Oils


Self Tanning Oils are a relatively new addition to the self tan market, but a welcome one, as they are very hydrating. From the self tanning experts, at Australian company ModelCo, Self Tan Dry Body Oil is an innovative, quick drying product that develops in four hours, and lasts up to a week. Formulated with caffeine and guarana (for, an added bonus, skin toning and firming properties), as well as organic aloe vera, cacao, and coconut oil, the formulation leaves your skin deeply nourished, with a natural bronze tan. 175ml RRP $20.00.

Self Tanning Mousse


Self Tanning Mousse products are great if you are new to self tanning as the light airy formulas let you build your tan to a desired colour. Of course, they are great if you are an experienced self tanner too, as they are quickly absorbed into your skin for a natural looking tan. Ella Bache Great Mousse Tan is a creamy moisturising mousse that is quick and easy to apply, as well as fast absorbing, providing a streak-free golden tan that develops over 1-4 hours. The instant bronze tint means you can see where you have applied, and allows for easy flawless application. pH balancing to deliver a natural looking tan adjusted to suit your skin – the formula won’t turn your skin orange! Next-to-No Odour technology significantly reduces the tell-tale tan odour. It is enriched with moisturising cocoa butter and antioxidant rich green tea to keep skin soft, supple and glowing. 150ml RRP $44.00.


Gradual Self Tan


Gradual self tanners are great if you want to start out with a light sunkissed glow and build from there. They are great for arms, legs and torso. If you don’t want to fully commit to self tanning products, or spray tans, then buildable bronzing moisturisers are perfect for you. Palmers Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion builds then maintains a natural looking tan. It is suitable for all skin types, and with the Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E ingredients, your skin stays hydrated for up to 24 hours. 400ml RRP $13.99 (also available in 250ml RRP $9.99). Another fabulous buildable bronzer moisturiser is Jergens Natural Glow, which not only builds a natural looking tan, it also contain ingredients to help provide firming benefits, and also promises to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Available in 2 shades – Fair to medium and medium to tan. 221ml RRP $14.99.

Self Tanning Mist/Spray


Self Tanning Mists/Sprays are an easy way to self tan, as once they spray on, you simply rub into your skin, and it’s done. It’s very simple to control the level of self tan, and it’s difficult to miss patches, as it’s quite obvious where you have product and where you do not. Bondi Sands Self Tanning Mist is a lightweight self-tanning spray that delivers a natural-looking, salon-quality tan in seconds. It is infused with vitamin E to moisturise and nourish skin, and features a pleasant coconut scent. You should wait 1-6 hours before showering after application (depending on the desired colour result). Available in 2 shades – Light/Medium, and Dark. 250ml RRP $19.95.

Self Tanning Face


Self tanners for the face are especially developed with extra moisturisers to gently colour and hydrate our faces for a sun kissed glow. Less is more for facial self tanners – after all, you can always add colour, but you can’t take it away. Clinique Self Sun Face Bronzing Gel Tint is a sheer lightweight gel that goes on with a hint of colour, so you can see exactly where you have applied the gel (very handy when applying self tan to your face). The end result is a healthy sun-kissed colour, without the sun exposure. 50ml RRP $40.00.

Self Tanning Masks


Self Tanning Masks are another relative newcomer to the self tanning market, and they are long overdue. Following in the steps of Korean sheet facial masks, self tanning masks are simple to use, and minimise the chance of steaking. St. Tropez Self Tan Express Facial Sheet Mask is a single use mask and features St. Tropez tanning serum infused with hyaluronic acid to moisturise your face. It works with the natural contours of your face to ensure it stays in place for a streak-free, even finish. Best of all, you control the tan level – leave the mask on for five minutes for a light, sunkissed glow, ten minutes for a medium, golden glow, and 15 minutes for a deeper, golden tan. 1 sheet 18.4g RRP $12.99.



Self Tanning Accessories


Self Tanning Accessories are your best friend if self tanning at home. They make the job so much easier, and help prevent application mishaps like streaks and missing patches. Self Tanning expert ModelCo have a range of accessories to help make self tanning simple. ModelCo Blend Buffing Mitt protects your hands whilst self tanning. It is a re-usable velour mitt, so won’t irritate your skin. RRP $12.00. For those difficult to reach areas, like back and shoulders, the ModelCo Self-Tan Back Applicator is perfect. The reusable applicator ensures an all-over and even application of self-tanning product. It is convenient, easy to use and works with any lotion, mousse or spray. RRP $14.00. And finally, if you have made a mistake with the self tan application, of would like to remove remaining tan before starting a new application, the Tan Remover Exfoliating Soap is a life saver. It instantly removes any self tanning product, and exfoliates your skin ready for a new application or moisturiser. 125g RRP $10.00. Note, image not to scale.

Of course, if you don’t want to go the route of DIY at home self tan, you can always book in for a self tan application at your local salon. From as little as 15-30 minutes, you are sprayed with self tan, dried, and are on your way. Contact you local salon for details.


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