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Yes, the year is getting away from us again, and if you have teenage children or grandchildren, you’ll know it’s almost School Formal time again. It’s a stressful time of year – many have exams looming, and this can often increase anxiety levels, which can show up as blemishes on their skin. If your teens skin is in good condition, there is no need to change their skincare routine ahead of the big night, in fact if their skin is glowing and looking healthy, it’s probably best not to. If however, they’re suffering from a few last minute breakouts, or their skin is looking a little dull with the stress of exams and the school formal, we recommend adding any of these products to their routine, to give skin a little TLC. Of course, if your favourite teen suffers from breakouts throughout the year, you can use these products any time of year.

Mavala Pore Detox Perfecting Foaming Cleanser



Teenage skin is delicate, and can become over dry (which can cause further oil production and breakouts), so it’s important not to use products that are too harsh, or that cause skin to dry out. Enter Mavala Pore Detox Perfecting Foaming Cleanser. The extremely gentle micellar lotion (with the same pH as our skin) instantly transforms into a light foam to gently remove urban toxins and impurities. The paraben- and soap free formula, is rich in purifying Witch Hazel water, and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. As the cleanser is non-drying, it doesn’t encourage the further production of sebum. 125ml RRP $25.95.


Nivea Urban Skin Peel Off Detox Mattifying Mask



Nivea has many (many) years expertise dealing with Teen skin, and the Nivea Urban Skin range is especially designed to protect and detox teenage or stressed skin (click here to learn more about the range). New to the range, the Peel Off Urban Skin Detox Mattify Mask intensely cleanses skin by removing dirt and pollutants from pores, and helping to reduce excess sebum and oil, without drying out skin. Used once or twice a week, the formula for this easy (and fun)-to-use mask is enriched with black rice and organic green extracts to give a mattified and smooth result. 75ml RRP $9.97.


Rodan + Fields Spotless



Developed by acne-solutions experts Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, New Rodan + Fields SPOTLESS Regimen is a simple to use 2-step skincare system designed to effectively combat the entire acne cycle for teens and young adults. Featuring a patent-pending BPO2 Technology, the most powerful acne fighters, Oxygen and Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) are paired in a new way to deeply exfoliate open pores to fight existing breakouts and prevent news ones from forming. Knowing that a pimple takes weeks to form underneath the surface of the skin, the products help to treat not only treat the pimples you do see, but also the ones you don’t (yet). The 2 steps to clearer skin are: Step 1, Clear with the SPOTLESS Daily Acne Wash, with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide, Jojoba Beads, and Glycerin, to gently cleanse and exfoliate for a refreshing deep clean to help eliminate breakouts. Step 2, Control & Prevent with the SPOTLESS Acne Clearing Treatment. The Special dual-chamber delivery system with the breakthrough BPO2 Technology delivers more Oxygen and Benzoyl Peroxide to your pores to help eliminate acne. The combination of these 2 ingredients helps to ensure the maximum efficacy of Benzoyl Peroxide, reducing the number and severity of acne blemishes and helping prevent new ones from forming – just what you need ahead of the school formal. SPOTLESS Regimen of  Daily Acne Wash 125ml & Acne Clearing Treatment 50ml RRP $120.00. To see how this works in real life, follow us on Instagram (@beautyover40au, or click the link at the bottom of the page) – we’ll be posting images in the coming days.


Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips



An oldie, but a goodie, Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips have been providing Teen skin with a deep clean for many years (I used them as a teenager!). They’ve been around so long for one simple reason – they work. Working like a magnet, these magic strips free your pores by lifting out deep-down dirt, oil, dead skin and even blackheads. In just 10 minutes, you’ll remove weeks’ worth of buildup to achieve a deep, balanced clean. If your skin is prone to breakouts, we’d recommend starting to use the strips three weeks out, then weekly ahead of the formal, to give pores time to tighten before the big night. Pack of 6 strips RRP $6.99.


Spascriptions Charcoal Triple Cleansing Strips



From an oldie to a complete newbie, if your problem areas cover more than just your nose, try the new Spascriptions Charcoal Triple Cleansing Strips. Working in just 10-15 minutes, these strips remove blackheads and unclog pores on the most problematic areas of your face. With three separate strips, one for your forehead, one for your nose, and one for your chin, simply use once a week in the area they are needed for clearer skin. The pack contains 6 nose strips, 4 forehead/t-zone strips, and 2 chin strips. Pack of 12 strips RRP $14.99. 


Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base



This Bobbi Brown bestseller is a must have to finish your School Formal (and everyday) skincare routine. A multi-tasking primer plus moisturiser, it sets the base for a super smooth makeup application. The non-greasy, oil-free Face Base formula combines the moisturising power of Shea Butter with Vitamins B, C and E, to help instantly hydrate, soften and cushion your skin. The Face Base is formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulphates, and gluten, and is vegan. 50ml RRP $88.00.


QVS Blackhead Remover



If, despite taking care of your skin, you find yourself with a last minute breakout, don’t despair. Instead, arm yourself with a QVS (Quality, Value, Style) Blackhead Remover. This precision tool safely and cleanly removes blackheads, pimples and blocked pores quickly and easily. Made from 100% stainless steel (so it’s easy to keep sterile and clean), this precision tool features a needle and loop to safely remove stubborn pimples and blocked pores. RRP $6.50.


Vida Glow Beauty Sleep



It is said that a good nights’ sleep is one of the best things you can do for your skin, and it’s true. Your skin is at rest while you sleep, and it is during this time that the products you’ve applied can do their best work. If a good nights’ sleep is eluding you fear not. Australian company Vida Glow has created a beauty powder to help you naturally drift off to sleep, while helping to give you a glowing complexion, brighter, less puffy eyes & healthier, fuller hair (sounds like the perfect School Formal prep to us). Vida Glow’s Beauty Sleep is created with 100% natural, key ingredients that work together to calm the body, allowing you to drift off to a natural sleep cycle, leading to a deep, relaxed sleep without causing drowsiness. Vegan, and with no added sugar, this is a winner in anyone’s language! 210g RRP $59.95.


Nivea MicellAIR



After the evening is over, keep your skin feeling it’s best by removing your makeup with the Nivea MicellAIR Skin Breathe Expert Waterproof Make-up Remover Miceller Water. Simply shake the bi-phase product to mix the highly concentrated dry oil with the micellar water, for a gentle, yet thorough cleanse, without drying out your skin. The intelligent MicellAIR technology and black tea extract attracts dirt out of the skin like a magnet, leaving you with clean, fresh skin. MicellAIR 400ml RRP $13.99. If you’re staying with a friend overnight, pack the travel version – MicellAIR Skin Breathe Expert Make-up Remover Wipes. These clever wipes can remove waterproof and long-wearing makeup and mascara with ease, whilst being gentle on your skin. 20 Wipes RRP $7.50.



These skincare beauties should have your teen floating through the School Formal in style. Stay tuned for our School Formal Makeup feature – coming soon…..


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