Spring can be a time of dread for those with sensitive skin. While skin sensitivities can occur year round, the extra pollen in the air over Spring can really irritate sensitive skin. Additionally, washing your face with water can strip moisture from dry, dehydrated Winter weary skin, exacerbating skin sensitivities.


Knowing this, QED Skincare have created a range of No Rinse Cleansers to cleanse skin gently, yet thoroughly, without irritating sensitivities. With a No Rinse Cleanser for all skin types, sensitive skin is protected from further irritation. The Wrinkle Rewind™ No Rinse Cleanser (RRP $26/60ml, and $68/250ml) is formulated with Wrinkle Rewind Serum, to help boost skin’s anti-ageing defenses as it gently cleanses. The Lite Protect No Rinse Cleanser (RRP $20/60ml, and $48/250ml) for normal skin is powered charged with the mildly astringent Hazelnut Oil to hydrate without causing breakouts. The Deep Hydration No Rinse Cleanser (RRP $20/60ml, and $48/250ml) with Jojoba Oil and Green tea provides deep hydration and softening for normal and dry skin as it gently cleanses. Finally, the Ultra-Sensitive Treatment Cleansing Oil (RRP $26/60ml, and $60/250ml) with Jojoba Seed Oil is designed to be super gentle on Reactive and very dry skin as it gently cleanses, softens and hydrates your skin, while helping to replenish your skin’s natural defense barrier. This one is great for skin conditions like eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.    


The whole QED Skincare range is hand made and formulated for sensitive skin by ex-pharmacist Shoshana Eisner. The range is unscented – products can be custom scented at the point of purchase, from a selection of 12 natural hand blended scents. For more information, or to arrange a skin consultation to work out the best products for your skin type (mine loves the Wrinkle Rewind™ range), click this link: www.qedskincare.com




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