We all know Vitamin C is a wonder vitamin – it’s good for skin, and for general health, and as a long time lover of the benefits of the Peter Thomas Roth Potent C-Moisturizer (anti-ageing, firming, skin brightening), I was super happy to see the arrival of 2 new members to the Potent-C family. I have been privileged to try these products ahead of their launch (late April – they are available now), and my skin just loves them.


The newest products to hit the Peter Thomas Roth Potent-C range work in nicely with the original Moisturizer. The Potent-C Power Scrub helps to brighten skin with THD Ascorbate Vitamin C, which is 50 times more powerful than traditional Vitamin C. The 5 different beads in the formula go to work simultaneously brightening (orange Vitamin C beads), exfoliating (black jojoba spheres), polishing (white aluminium oxide), nourishing (gold jojoba beads), and conditioning (white cocoa butter beads) your skin – talk about a multi-tasking wonder. I loved the feel of this scrub on my skin – it was so gentle, yet super powerful, and my skin just glowed after use. Potent-C Power Scrub 120ml RRP $59.00. The Potent-C Power Brightening Hydra-Gel Eye Patches also contains THD Ascorbate Vitamin C, as well as Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E, to help enhance the benefits of the THD Ascorbate Vitamin C. The addition of caffeine helps to firm skin and reduce puffiness around our eye area. The shape means they can be used 2 ways – to target under-eye puffiness and wrinkles, and to target crow’s feet. I loved putting these eye patches on and relaxing for 15 minutes of me time. My eyes felt softer and smoother, and puffiness looked reduced after using. Potent-C Power Brightening Hydra-Gel Eye Patches 60 patches (30 pairs) RRP $101.00. Peter Thomas Roth available exclusively from Sephora.





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