Summer is almost here, and the weather is….. sticky – there is no other word for it. Our beauty products have to work overtime in Summer, we really need our sun protection, our makeup just seems to melt, and our deodorant is on double time. That’s why we were so happy to discover the new Nivea Everyday Active Deodorant range recently. According to Robyn Hutch, Nivea Skincare expert, over Summer, it’s important to use a deodorant that keeps you protected, not just whilst working out or playing sports, but also for those everyday activities as well. During the hot summer months, the amount we sweat naturally increases as our bodies try to regulate our temperature. This also means that the amount of bacteria under our armpits can increase and this is the cause of body odour. An anti-perspirant assists by keeping us dry, decreasing the effects of bacteria while also keeping us protected and smelling fresh all day.


The Nivea Everyday Active was tested under real life conditions, using an e-Textile shirt. The integrated wires in the Smart Sweat Tracking Shirt pick up body temperature, motion and perspiration, and transmit sweat data providing real-life information on why, when and how much we sweat. This data was used to develop the Nivea Everyday Active Deodorant range – allowing the range to offer quick drying protection so you feel protected all day, no matter what you’re doing. Finally, a deodorant that can handle our lives over Summer, providing up to 48 hour protection! Nivea Everyday Active is available in both men’s and women’s deodorants (with both the Active, and Active Fresh scents in each), and in both aerosol and roll-on formulas. The delicately scented fragrances will have you feeling clean and fresh all day, no matter the heat or your activities. I’ve been trialing the Active and Active Fresh for women in the 35+ degree days we’ve had recently – I’ve played sport, worked out, and generally just lived life, and guess what – I was dry and protected all day, even in these extreme conditions. Aerosol 250ml RRP $6.59 each, Roll-On 50ml RRP $3.79 each.


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