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A foundations main function is to even out skin tone, and prepare the skin for other makeup, covering light imperfections, such as blemishes, scars and some freckles (heavier imperfections may require a concealer to completely cover them up). With so many different types of foundations on the Australian market, it can seem a bit confusing as to which one will best suit your skin, and give you that overall flawless “not wearing makeup” look.  The secret to achieving your best look is to choose the type of foundation that best suits your skin type.

Liquid Foundation

Coverage – medium

Liquid foundations are the most popular foundations on the market, and come in matte and dewy finishes. Their versatility in application and wide range of finishes makes them easy to use. Liquid Foundations are suitable for almost all skin types, however if your skin is drier and more prone to wrinkles, look for an oil based foundation such as L’Oreal Infallible Liquid Foundation, with hyper-glide oils which help the foundation glide over skin and set comfortably, and gives your skin extra hydration. Available in 6 shades. RRP $31.95. If your skin is not so dry and yet to wrinkle (lucky you), or you live in a humid part of Australia, try a lighter weight (but still great coverage) foundation such as Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF15. Colour is suspended in an emollient gel, with added ingredients like shea butter, and vitamins C and E, resulting in a lightweight, yet moisturising formula which stays fresh all day. Available in 15 shades. RRP $72.

Cream Foundation

Coverage – medium to full

Cream Foundations are a thicker consistency and have a fuller coverage. They are great for drier, more mature skins, as they offer more coverage and hydration benefits. They give a dewy finish, giving your skin a glowing hydrated radiance, which is great for skin as it ages and becomes drier. A good cream makeup will hydrate skin and minimise fine lines.  A fabulous cream foundation to try is Revlon Youth FX™ Fill + Blur Foundation SPF 20, an anti-ageing foundation which works to erase the appearance of uneven skin tone, age spots and hyperpigmentation. The moisturising formula leaves the skin feeling hydrated and nourished all day. Available in 9 shades. RRP $39.95.


Pressed Powder Foundation

Coverage – light to full

Pressed Powders are the mainstay of any handbag – they are versatile and easy to apply on the run, and the compact mirror allows for multiple touch-ups during the day. Pressed Powders are best suited to normal to combination skins, as they tend to absorb oil and minimise shine during the day, however if you are a pressed powder addict with drier skin, use a super hydrating liquid or cream foundation and apply pressed powder over the top. A great powder for more mature skin is Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15, which gives a lightweight coverage, and maintains moisture in the skin. A bonus for our Australian climate, it is sweat and humidity resistant, meaning it will stay in place longer in our warmer months. Available in 6 shades. RRP $55.00

Loose Powder Foundation


Coverage – light

Pressed Powder’s close relation, loose powder is great for setting liquid or cream foundations in place. Loose powder is best for oilier skins, and can be used if you find your skin is breaking out during menopause or beyond. Apply with a light sweep of a foundation brush. Try Rimmel London Match Perfection Loose Powder, an ultra creamy formula that blends to an even finish, and with smart-tone technology, it matches your skins own colour and tone. RRP $15.95.


Cushion Foundation

Coverage – light to medium

A relative newcomer to the Australian market, cushion foundations are becoming increasingly popular. First developed by the beauty gurus of South Korea – you know they are going to be good. Cushion foundations dispense by pushing the foundation applicator against the sponge, dispensing just the right amount. Dab foundation around your face, and blend in – so easy. Suitable for most skin types, cushion foundations are great for when you want a light cover, or to build up into a medium coverage. Try Shu Uemura Stage Performer Fresh Tint Cushion SPF 38, which blurs pores, evens out skin tone, hydrates, and gives skin a vitalized look. Available in 3 shades. RRP $72.00. Or you could try Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation, with a dewy glowing finish, light diffusing pigments and is SPF 40 to protect from the sun. RRP $26.95.

Cream to Powder Foundation


Coverage – medium to full

Cream to Powder foundations, are as the name suggests, a cream consistency in a compact container, and when applied to skin, this foundation dries to a powder consistency. Great for people who like the feel of a cream on their skin, but the effect of a powder, they are best suited to normal to combination skins. Try Australian brand Natio Cream to powder Foundation, with argan, jojoba, vitamin E and beeswax for a superbly hydrating formula. Available in 3 shades. RRP $19.95.



Wet & Dry Foundation

Coverage – light to full

One of the more versatile foundation products, wet and dry foundations can be used as the name suggests, both wet and dry. Used wet, for day or night, the product provides a full coverage, which can then be touched up dry, for a lighter coverage. Most wet and dry foundations set to a matte finish. Try Lancome Dual Finish Versatile Powder, a silky soft formula that provides coverage from sheer to full. RRP $55.00

Tinted Moisturiser


Coverage – light

Not a true foundation, in the strictest definition, tinted moisturisers are a combination foundation and moisturiser. They are great for the days when you just want a hint of colour, and are very lightweight in consistency. Suitable for all skin types that want a sun kissed glow – for more mature skins, look for a tinted moisturiser for drier skins, with added hydration benefits. Estee Lauder Daywear Sheer Tint Release Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Moisturiser SPF 15 has been one of the best sellers on the Australian market for a long time – because it works. A blend of skin hydrators and barrier-boosting lipids to provide the skin with instant all day moisture. 50ml. RRP $75.00



Foundation Brushes

It would be remiss to have a post about Foundations and not include the benefits of a Foundation brush. Foundation brushes are a must for even application of liquid and cream foundations, and it is worth investing in a good one. Streaks are minimised, application is more even, there is less product wastage, and bacteria is not transferred from fingers to your foundation container. Foundation brushes ensure powders are evenly applied and do not sit in, and highlight wrinkles! For the smoothest application and coverage, try Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush and start from around the nose and mouth and blend outwards over the rest of the face. RRP $63.00.


Makeup Primer


Makeup Primers are a base for foundation that allows makeup to go on smoother and makes your makeup last longer, by giving your foundation something to hold onto on your skin (perfect for the more humid areas of Australia). Makeup primers can also smooth fine lines, and large pores, giving your face a smooth base on which to apply foundation. Makeup primers come in various textures, like gel, cream, and powder, so there is one to suit every skin type. Look for one with added benefits like salon brand O Cosmedics 1SKIN Lotus Skin Primer, which has a feast of extra beneficial ingredients including Lime Butter and Jojoba Oil, to keep skin super hydrated, and a soft focus complex to give skin a super soft feeling. RRP $59.00. Max Factor Smooth Miracle Primer contains soft silicone elastomers and soft focus effect spheres to blur the edges of fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections. It also contains powerful antioxidants and hydrating ingredients. RRP $31.95.






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