After the chaos of Christmas, and keeping the kids entertained over the January school holidays, I’m craving a little bit of “me time” and mind balance. Nothing too much, just enough to bring me back into the working year. That’s why I was so happy to discover the Endota Spa Essential Oil Diffuser – it’s so much more than just an oil burner. The elegant white ceramic sphere casts subtle dappled white light, which brings a gentle warmth and peace to your personal space, whilst the soothing aromas of essential oils are gently and finely dispersed into the air via the quiet ultra-sonic technology. The Diffuser is made of ceramic and BPA free plastic, and you can set it for 2 or 4 hour operation (and for peace of mind, it will automatically turn off when minimum water levels are reached)!


Used with the Endota Spa Essential Oils, it has been so simple to create my tranquil oasis. My favourites – the Calm Essential Oil, with oils of ylang ylang, lavender and bergamot to calm my mind and spirit, the Clarity Essential Oil, a sweet citrus blend with geranium, lemon and mandarin to help clear my mind, and encourage focus – wonderful for getting back into work, the Dream Essential Oil, with mandarin, orange and patchouli to promote a restful sleep, and the Signature Essential Oil, with rose geranium, lavender, and patchouli, to create the relaxing endota spa signature scent at home. Essential Oil Diffuser RRP $80.00. Essential Oils 10ml each RRP $26.00 each.


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